2014-09-15 Training Begins with Team Building

In September and October 2014, 25 apprentices and students will start their training at Dieffenbacher, the...
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2014-07-29 Large OSB System for Dieffenbacher in Russia

Back in January 2014, Dieffenbacher received an order from the Taleon Terra Group headquartered in St....
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2014-07-17 Dieffenbacher Summer Festival Captivates Nearly 2000 People

Last year, Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau was able to look back on a company history...
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2014-06-16 Dieffenbacher at IWF 2014

Dieffenbacher, a recognized global leading solution provider of Wood Based Panel Technology will be featuring...
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Current issues

Lightweight Construction Expertise at Dieffenbacher - Fit for the Future of Mobility

Everyone is talking about lightweight construction. In the automotive industry in particular, but also in other sectors, such as aviation,...
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Work-Life Balance at Dieffenbacher

A workplace that adapts to life. With flexible working hours including flexi-time, part-time models, working time accounts and much more,...
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