2012 February 22

Further on course for growth - A successful business year 2011 for the Dieffenbacher Group

The Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau is looking back on a successful business year 2011.
The company with headquarter in Eppingen increased its sales to 350 million EUR compared to the previous year. “The capital of the company could be raised and liquidity is still on a high level”, states Wolf-Gerd Dieffenbacher, CEO of the Dieffenbacher Group placing emphasis on the financial stability of the company as a basis for further economic developments. The actual volume of orders amounting to more than 750 million EUR ensures the full capacity utilization in all divisions up to the business year 2013. On the basis of the existing orders the year 2012 is expected to become the most successful business year of the Dieffenbacher Group with a record turnover to the amount of 425 million EUR. The number of employees was increased in 2011 by 85 persons to 1765 employees worldwide.

Business Unit Wood
With an incoming order of more than 300 million EUR the Business Unit Wood satisfied expectations in the past year. In total, orders for 15 plants with continuous presses for the production of wood based panels as well as for two plants for the production of pellets could be signed. Investments in research & development like for example the investment in the pellet press, will pay off. Over 35 percent of the actual business volumes have already been achieved by newly developed and advanced products and processes.

Business Unit Forming
Fortunately, the incoming orders could be nearly duplicated compared to the previous year and the business unit records the highest level of order volumes of all time. The Dieffenbacher plants and developments within the business unit forming correspond to the trend in the automotive sector to develop processes ready for serial production for the manufacture of light auto body components.
So Dieffenbacher supplies to a Russian major customer two complete plants for the production of fiber-reinforced plastic components for a hybrid car. Still this year, further well-known automobile companies will produce lightweight components out of carbon fibers on Dieffenbacher production plants. Because of the consequent orientation of the company to the need for new lightweight components for emission reductions and energy saving, Dieffenbacher can be optimistic about the future also in this field.

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