LVL plants

Dieffenbacher plans and supplies production lines for the production of LVL boards. The extra long presses with a high pressing force and special intake geometry are designed for the special formats used in LVL production. Using the continuous press in conjunction with preheating by means of microwave technology, LVL boards can be produced especially economically.


Customer Country
MLT Russia
Pacific Woodtech Corp. USA
Nelson Pine New Zealand
Carter Holt Harvey New Zealand
Pacific Woodtech Corp. USA
Georgia Pacific Wood Products USA
Sunpine Forest Prod. Canada


Johnny Carl
Sales Europe, Russia
Tel.:+49 7262 65 331
Georg Rahm
Sales China, Australia, New Zealand
Tel.:+49 7262 65 103
Holger Ries
Sales Southeast Asia
Tel.:+49 7262 65 416
Tilman Helmer
Sales Turkey, Middle East, India, Japan
Tel.:+49 7262 65 246
Hauke Jeske
Sales North America
Tel.:+49 7262 65 757
Johannes Schwendele
Sales Latin America
Tel.:+49 7262 65 767
Johannes Ohlsson
Sales Brazil
Tel.:+49 7262 65 763
Didier Goesaert
Sales Africa
Tel.:+49 2171 3996 18