MDF, HDF and THDF plants

Dieffenbacher has so far supplied continuous presses to more than 70 MDF, HDF and THDF board plants worldwide. They each have the distinguishing feature of first-rate product quality. Thanks to an extremely precise forming accuracy, MDF boards are produced with perfect surfaces, which are ready for direct coating or digital printing on either side.

Compared to normal blowline gluing, additional, sometimes substantial glue savings can be achieved using the PROjet and EVOjet M gluing systems with no loss of quality. Dieffenbacher also offers solutions for lightweight MDF panels, not just particle boards. Thin panels with a thickness of 1.5 mm or less that can be directly coated form the perfect basis for honeycomb panels.


  • Perfect surfaces ready to be directly coated or printed
  • Reduced glue consumption due to an innovative gluing system
  • Speeds of up to 2500 mm/s
  • Energy system with maximum efficiency due to an integrated drier/energy concept


Customer Country
Fantoni Group Italy
Metro-Ply Thailand
Floraplac Brazil
Duraplay Mexico
Green Fiber West Asia
Xinjiang Xinxiwang China
Masisa Mexico
ZRK Industries Pakistan
PRO MDF Mexico


Dieffenbacher MDF plant with a daily capacity of 1500 m³


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