OSB / OSL plants

With over 30 OSB plants worldwide, Dieffenbacher has undeniable expertise. Not only continuous plants with a CPS are available, but also high-performance multi-level plants with an oscillating screen for differing requirements.

Dieffenbacher offers a special design of OSL plants that feature longitudinally oriented strands exclusively. A microwave preheating system is an ideal addition to effectively increase capacity, in particular for these mostly very thick boards.


  • Modular forming heads for all strand and panel qualities (OSB, OSL)
  • High level of forming accuracy
  • Very good longitudinal and cross orientation
  • Two-stage strand production procedure from the Maier subsidiary allows for alternative sources of raw materials


Customer Country
Martco USA
MLT Russia
Shouguang Luli Wood China
Kronospan Poland
Kronospan Belarus
Guizhou Yuanfang Forestry China


OSB plant, Baoyuan (China)


Dieffenbacher OSB plant with a daily capacity of 700 m³