04-17-2015 Dieffenbacher delivers the latest plant technology in the field of composites to China   

Dieffenbacher received the order for a fully automated LFT-D plant for China. The project partner is a newly...
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03-31-2015 New OSB line for Dieffenbacher in the USA

Dieffenbacher received an order from Martco, LLC (a Roy O. Martin company) for a forming and press line as...
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03-27-2015 Among the Top Employers in Germany

"Motivated, satisfied employees are crucial to the success of a company." Based on this motto, weekly magazine...
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02-26-2015 New Dieffenbacher Press CPS+ a major Plus for performance and quality

For this Ligna, Dieffenbacher’s main focus is on innovations again and the Management is pleased to use...
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Lightweight Construction Expertise at Dieffenbacher - Fit for the Future of Mobility

Everyone is talking about lightweight construction. In the automotive industry in particular, but also in other sectors, such as aviation,...
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Work-Life Balance at Dieffenbacher

A workplace that adapts to life. With flexible working hours including flexi-time, part-time models, working time accounts and much more,...
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