Heat up your performance – the Dieffenbacher Microwave

The Dieffenbacher Microwave is a preheating system for the production of PB, MDF, OSB and LVL boards. It is located in front of the press and uses microwave radiation to enable homogenous heat generation within the whole mat. This results in a higher mat temperature, which leads to an increase in production capacity.



Installing a microwave preheating system in your plant provides:

  • Heat generation within the mat
  • Capacity increases up to 30%
  • High reliability due to standard 6 kW magnetrons
  • No added moisture in the mat
  • Specific control of different board sections (zones)
  • Low maintenance and downtime


What Customers Say

“At an MDP (PB) plant we have a system installed that serves the same purpose as the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system. A few years ago, we looked for a preheating system to be integrated into our Salto plant in Brasil. We concluded that a Dieffenbacher microwave would be more efficient than other preheating systems for the high-production output of thick and thin boards. So far, we can identify a production increase of 25% since the microwave was installed. The Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system met its promised capacity increase. We would definitely invest in this technology again.”

Flavio Paulo Maluf (Eucatex)