Welcome to Human Resources!

Be part of something BIG.
Every day we prove to our customers that we are a leading company in our industry — and rightly so.
This presents a real challenge for the entire team — and great opportunities for each and every employee.
By demonstrating commitment, passion and creativity, you can achieve great things with us.

If you develop facilities the size of several football fields, manufacture steel components that weigh tons, keep our
machines and systems around the world in perfect condition or want to set a course for the future in management,
you can become part of our superb team and help to write the success story of our traditional, family-run company.
We look forward to getting to know you!

For professionals and college graduates

Profit from work experience, gain work experience.
Engineers, technicians, skilled workers. Experienced professionals and career entrants of all fields are in demand.

For college students

Start your career. With internships, scholarships or thesis.

For high school graduates and students

Prove talents. During apprenticeship, cooporative studies or practical school training.

as an employer

Living and Working with Dieffenbacher. With responsibility and security.


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