Family and career

Flexible working hours and part-time positions

Dieffenbacher helps make it easier for employees with children to return to work. Flexible working hours and part-time positions make it possible to balance a career and family life. We also work closely with the "Kindernest" child day care centre in Eppingen.


Reyhan Lohmüller, working in the Marketing division:
"I used to plan and run trade fairs all over the world. After my one-year parental leave I was able to adapt my work to the new challenges in my private life. Now I look after marketing projects in the Business Unit Composite and I also take care of movie projects for the Dieffenbacher group of companies. I work all day from Monday to Thursday.

Maren Rupp, working in the Logistics division:
"Fortunately, I was able to return to my previous job after my one-year parental leave. In the Wood division I am responsible for the logistical management of projects. But Dieffenbacher was also very accommodating to me in the organisation of my working hours. I now work four days a week. My colleagues are understanding if I am unexpectedly absent at short notice, for example if my child is sick, and they are always happy to take on urgent tasks for me!"