Among the Top Employers in Germany

"Motivated, satisfied employees are crucial to the success of a company." Based on this motto, weekly magazine FOCUS has carried out a large-scale study over the last 18 months, which has resulted in around 800 companies being identified as "top employers". Dieffenbacher is proud to be recognized as one of the best employers of 2014 by being named a "top employer" according to this study for the first time.

"This praise is also an incentive for Dieffenbacher to continue to portray itself in a positive light and gain even more recognition," said Dr. Ralph Weber, Human Resources Director at Dieffenbacher. The results of the 2014 employee survey also prove that the company is on the right path when it comes to employee job satisfaction, with an outstanding 76.4% of employees stating that they would recommend Dieffenbacher as an employer. This figure is above-average when compared to other companies, thereby reflecting the findings of the FOCUS study, which also go to show that Dieffenbacher is a family company with a strong sense of tradition that, over the last few years, has made the right decisions for its current and future employees, particularly regarding the key issues of qualification, further education, development programs, human resources marketing/recruitment, health management, pension schemes, internationality and job security.

Deutschlands beste Arbeitgeber

From left to right: Beatrice Göhring, Christian Dieffenbacher, Dr. Ralph Weber, Nicola Bräumer, Ines Nagel, Sabine Loborec