Two Dieffenbacher apprentices among the best in their year group

This year, the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Industry and Commerce has once again honored apprentices from the town and district of Heilbronn for their outstanding performance. At the Intersport "redblue" convention and events center, a total of 133 graduates received their awards on May 8, 2014. Among those honored were Harri Nickel and Michael Otto. Both completed their training at plant manufacturer Dieffenbacher.

Their training had taken three and a half years. Now, there was a special honor in addition to collecting their certificates: As two of the best in the year group for their trade, Harri Nickel and Michael Otto received the award from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. "We congratulate our apprentices and are pleased that both have decided to start their careers with us," said Dr. Ralph Weber, Human Resources Director at Dieffenbacher.

For both graduates, completing their training and receiving the award signal the start of their careers at Dieffenbacher: As electronics engineers for operating technology, the focus of their training was on the installation and commissioning of measurement, control and regulation systems, as well as the configuration, commissioning and maintenance of electrical controls and systems.

Since completing his training in the forming technology division, Michael Otto has been employed in electrical design. As a detail design engineer, his field of work includes selecting suitable electrical equipment, drawing circuit diagrams as well as writing PLC programs.

Harri Nickel is now involved in the development program for field site installation at Dieffenbacher. Over the following two years, he will be specially prepared for future tasks in the service division and will become a qualified service engineer. Similar to a trainee program, the former apprentices will pass through different departments.

Both apprentices had already acquired the advanced technical college certificate during their training. This qualification also opens up new doors for them: They are just as able to complete a university degree as they are to undertake further training to become a technician or master. So where will they go next? The pair has confirmed that they have nothing concrete planned for the near future. However, both would definitely like to take advantage of the offer of further education.

The apprentices training with Dieffenbacher as electronics engineers for operating technology first complete basic mechanical training, as is the case for all technical apprentices. Basic electrical training follows, which includes installation circuits, protection circuits, hard-wired programed logic controllers, PLC systems, soldering and measurements in accordance with the VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers). Once basic training is complete, the apprentices pass through the different specialist areas such as electrical installation, electrical design and maintenance. In these areas, they are already allowed to take a hands-on approach.

During their vacations, the apprentices have the opportunity to further expand their horizons: They are able to observe skilled workers while they carry out installation work at the customer's premises, and have the chance to work directly on the project under their guidance. In the workshop, the focus is often on the detail; here, the apprentices experience the dimensions of the plants for the first time "live on-site".