Old-age pensions

Private savings for retirement are becoming more and more important. Employees can be sure of an attractive company pension scheme at Dieffenbacher.

With the Dieffenbacher pension we make our working hours and remuneration schemes flexible — benefits that the traditional products in the insurance
industry's company pension schemes do not offer.

The Dieffenbacher pension is a special kind of occupational pension scheme developed by the consulting company Auxilion AG in Heppenheim, which specialises in family companies. The system is based on an agreement between the company and its employees, excluding banks and insurance companies. The Dieffenbacher pension has been specifically tailored to the company's and employee's needs and checked by auditors. At the heart of the system is a "company savings account" into which employees can voluntarily pay part of their salary, which is then transferred into a company retirement benefit obligation by means of gross deferred compensation. We see above-average returns on the gross salaries saved each year.

The Dieffenbacher pension offers employees an efficient, transparent and low-risk pension scheme. From the very first euro onwards, they are paying fully into their old-age pension, with a guaranteed interest rate that is significantly higher than the non-binding forecasts of the insurance industry. And all of the saved capital, including the promised accrued interest, is protected by the Pensions-Sicherungs-Verein (pension security association).

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