Dieffenbacher Team on the Road to Success

Dieffenbacher runners celebrate the completion of a successful running season at the Stimme corporate run in Heilbronn

On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Dieffenbacher running team took part in the Stimme corporate run in downtown Heilbronn with three teams composed of four runners. The men’s team of Stefan Katz, Jens Schwiering, Bernd Frey and Roger Michel achieved a creditable 52nd place out of 650 teams.

In April, the Dieffenbacher team successfully started the 2018 running season. During the Ottilienberglauf on April 21 in Eppingen, the 43 men and women runners were awarded the title of the team with the most participants. Daniel Jüngling made it onto the podium by covering the 5 km distance in 20:58 min, securing Dieffenbacher third place in the overall standings. Successes continued during the corporate run in Sinsheim on July 12. Seven teams of four runners took part in the 5 km run in the Helmut-Gmelin-Stadion. Two Dieffenbacher teams were among the best. Both a women’s and men’s team achieved a third-place finish in the respective standings.

Our athletes also excelled in the twelfth internal Dieffenbacher badminton competition on July 20 in the Sportpark Eppingen. Six doubles teams competed, with the team of Marc Enchelmaier and Wolfgang Kistler earning the victory.

Apart from support for taking part in running events and the organization of the twice-yearly badminton competition, the Dieffenbacher sports program also includes weekly training and tournaments for the Dieffenbacher soccer team. Thanks to cooperation with a fitness studio, Dieffenbacher employees who want to become a member are offered special incentives. In addition, the Jobrad bicycle leasing program encourages employees to include exercise in their daily routine while also saving money.

Team Dieffenbacher beim Firmenlauf Sinsheim
The Dieffenbacher running team at the corporate run in Sinsheim.

Dieffenbacher-Läufer beim Ottilienberglauf in Eppingen
Dieffenbacher employees at the Ottilienberglauf in Eppingen.

Daniel Jüngling beim Ottilienberglauf in Eppingen
Daniel Jüngling secured the third place for the Dieffenbacher team.

Stimme Firmenlauf in Heilbronn
The Dieffenbacher running team at the Stimme corporate run in Heilbronn.