Our Principles

The task sof the purchasing department of the Dieffenbacher Group include securing our long-term competitiveness and procuring high-quality parts at the most cost-effective price within the required timeframe and with a controlled purchasing risk. It is these tasks that also help us to define the three most important success factors used to measure the performance of the purchasing department:

  • Costs, which means procurement at the "right price", but also at the right time, in the right place and in the right quantity
  • Quality, which relates to both the quality of the purchased parts and the quality of the suppliers involved.
  • Time, which means meeting deadlines, thereby ensuring that materials are available at the right time at the assembly site or manufacturing site.

By fulfilling these objectives, the Purchasing department of the Dieffenbacher Group contributes directly to a positive net operating result and to a high level of customer satisfaction. The purchasing department of the Dieffenbacher Group has a global presence. We work with local purchasers at each of our sites in the supplier markets of Europe, Asia and America. The headquarters of the purchasing department is located in Eppingen, Germany. This is also where our global goods groups are managed.

You can apply to become a supplier for our group on the Dieffenbacher homepage.