Automation and Reworking

State-of-the-art robot and gripper technology

Dieffenbacher solutions are characterized by the efficient networking and automation of plants.

Process automation

  • Feed and extraction robots
  • Tool cleaning
  • Item and location checking
  • Parts identification
  • Trimming station
  • Adhesive application system

Gripper change systems

  • Automatic couplings
  • Gripper stations
  • Safety concepts
  • Coding systems

Grippers for optimum handling

  • Active grippers
  • Suction grippers
  • Needle grippers
  • Special grippers
  • Multifunction grippers

Cycle-optimized reworking system

Dieffenbacher makes customized reworking of the finished product possible. The cycle-optimized reworking system delivers high quality with well-coordinated working steps.

Cooling and clamping

After the pressing process, cooling and clamping molds ensure hot components cool whilst maintaining the correct contours. For this we have developed multiple individual modules from the double cooling mold and rotary table clamping mold to the space-saving cooling paternoster.


The use of robot-guided deburring tools makes it possible to automate the reworking process in a cost-effective manner. Milling, punching and/or water jet cutting processes can be used to machine cut-outs and fastening holes into the component.


Sophisticated robotized gluing systems enable two-shell components to be combined.