Tailored Blank Line with Fiberforge and Fibercon

High-volume production of tailored fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

Fiberforge - the fastest tape laying system in the world
The optimal solution for large-scale production of locally reinforced thermoplastic components

Fiberforge produces tape layups from continuous-fiber-reinforced glass fiber or carbon fiber tapes that correspond closely to the final contour. A layup cycle lasts one second, during which up to two tapes are placed according to a defined pattern. The tapes consist of glass, carbon and natural fibers on a thermoplastic matrix base, and are rolled on as many as four coils.

  • High material throughput of up to 490 kg/h
  • Tape layup speed of one second / course
  • Material savings thanks to integrated angle cutting system
  • Fully automated production process, including automated coil change

Fibercon – Vacuum-assisted consolidation of tape layups

Dieffenbacher developed Fibercon as a supplementary process line to Fiberforge. Capable of large-scale production, Fibercon consolidates tape layups that have been produced on Fiberforge into high-quality laminates that correspond closely to the final contour.

  • Perfect consolidation of net shaped tailored blanks

  • Very low void content due to vacuum-assisted process

  • Capability to heal tape impregnation defects

  • Minimized material degradation in an inert atmosphere, resulting in higher component quality

  • Minimized squeeze flow at the edges for optimal material utilization

  • Short cycle time for high-volume production

  • Tailored blanks with thickness variations can be consolidated in one cycle


     Press systems
     Automation / Reworking



Tailored Blank Line

High volume production of thermoplastic composites

Design Award for Fiberforge

Design Award Fiberforge