From Old to New

Is your system outdated and no longer able to meet growing requirements? Dieffenbacher works with you to develop an appropriate modernization concept.

Modernization of System Components

In cooperation we will work out a a risk assessment and a tailor-made modernization concept.

Customized Conversion Packages

Have you changed your production, or do you want to produce new components using your existing system? Technicians determine which assemblies require modifications and develop concepts for the system conversion. After the conversion, your existing Dieffenbacher system will operate as reliably as a new machine.

System and Interface Expansion

Using your existing system, we offer you the flexibility to introduce new processes through the quick and cost-effective expansion of assemblies and interfaces.

Global Relocation of Presses and Systems

Do you want to move your production to a different location or have you bought a new system to be reinstalled in another production facility? To ensure the entire relocation process runs smoothly, we provide you with expert knowledge. A project team will accompany you from the outset during the concept, planning and system relocation stages. Dieffenbacher can also overhaul individual assemblies and support you in the integration of additional new or used machines.


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