High System Availability

Your system must have a high level of availability to ensure the success of your company. Dieffenbacher solutions help you to optimize the function and reliability of your system.

Preventative Service

preventative service allows a professional planning approach. Service technicians inspect your system and make recommendations for optimizing the system productivity. We guarantee rapid delivery of spare parts.

On-site Troubleshooting

Service technicians operate worldwide, offering you fast and professional support.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular inspections give an overview of your system’s wear, safety and overall condition. Minor adjustments to the machines can be made immediately and upcoming maintenance can be planned.

System Optimization According to Component Requirements

Dieffenbacher technicians can adapt your system maximum output. Increase your competitiveness by taking full advantage of our industry experience.


     24/7 Troubleshooting
     Original Spare Parts




Rüdiger Knapp
Online Service and Electrics
Tel.:+49 7262 65 143
Frank Monninger
Online Service and Electrics
Tel.:+49 7262 65 210
Thomas Fuchs
Service Mechanics/Hydraulics
Tel.:+49 7262 65 141
Katja Müller
Spare Parts
Tel.:+49 7262 65 382

North America

Elvir Ljeti
Service Manager North America
Tel.:+1 5190979 6937 ext. 114
Sourisa Vannest
Spare Parts North America
Tel.:+1 519 979 6937 ext. 180