Making new from old – modernization at Inapal Plásticos

“We wanted modern and reliable systems while avoiding new investments. For this reason, we opted for a modernization with the support of Dieffenbacher. Today we can produce more complex parts with the modernized presses at reduced cycle times.” Pedro Costa, Head of Maintenance at Inapal Plásticos, SA learn more


The aim was to make a polyester press from 1978 better able to produce SMC outer skin parts for the utility vehicle industry. The press valves and controls were out of date, no current plans were available, and plant wear and tear issues became apparent only during operation. The overall system availability was low. The second press was a Hoesch press from 1986, also used to produce SMC parts for the automotive industry. The valves, sensor technology and parallel motion system were out of date and needed modernization. The solution came with the Dieffenbacher modernization concept.

Dieffenbacher solution

First, an inventory was taken of both presses. Next, a modernization concept, which included a detailed project plan, was developed. The valves of the polyester press were replaced and the control modernized. This included a new switch cabinet and improved visualization in the form of a new control panel. In addition, a new two-hand control was added to facilitate press operation. Now, query and control of the safety functions (PLC) and the process sequence control are combined in one unit (CPU) to ensure uniform operation.

The Hoesch press was modernized by installing a Dieffenbacher parallel motion system. The sensor technology and valves were refitted and the control adapted accordingly.


Both presses operate with greater accuracy in the production process, the system availability is improved, and better system diagnostics are provided. Inapal is now able to produce more complex parts on reliable systems that have high availability. Furthermore, the high-quality systems enable short reaction times and high speeds to reduce the number of cycles per part.


Modernization Inapal Plasticos

Modernisierung bei Inapal