Recovering Energy from Waste

Secondary fuels are primarily recovered from household and commercial waste. This waste has a high calorific value and can be used to replace expensive primary fuels in energy-intensive industries. To meet the ever increasing ecological and economic importance of energy recovery from waste, the proportion of secondary fuels being used for combustion is growing continuously. Secondary fuels have a wide range of potential substances and compositions.

Dieffenbacher expertise provides you with customized concepts for treating and conditioning your secondary fuels. For example, these concepts may adjust the moisture level, achieve a specific particle size distribution, sorting out certain foreign material or mixing different fuels.

Services from a Single Source

  • Development of plant concepts in accordance with customer requirements
  • Design of individual components
  • Project organization, planning, coordination and management
  • Production within the global Dieffenbacher manufacturing network
  • Assembly, commissioning and training
  • Maintenance and servicing via global service network

Products and Core Components

Size reduction


MGB Big Crusher

SRH / SRV Beating Rotor

MPF Prallfiner

MPM Impact Mill

Sorting and cleaning



SHG Heavy Material Air Grader

Air Grader for particles

Environment technology

Dryer Emission Control System

Pneumatic Systems

ClassiSizer References

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