Recycling Plants for Waste Wood

Treating Waste Wood for the Purpose of Recovering Material

As a leading plant manufacturer of wood-based panels, Dieffenbacher delivers first-class equipment for wood preparation. Our machines for size reduction, drying, screening, sorting and cleaning are among the most efficient on the market. We also design plant concepts for processes ranging from size reduction to the required fraction, to drying, screening and separation through to burner systems and extraction technology. With the help of this technology, residual materials from wood-based panels and waste management can be fed back into the production cycle of wood-based panels or reused as secondary raw materials.

Sustainable Energy Generation from Wood Dust

Wood is a renewable raw material and a sensible alternative to fossil fuels. With our range of machines for efficient dust generation, customized burner systems and environmental technology systems, Dieffenbacher offers complete plant concepts for thermal recovery of waste wood.

Four process steps for efficient dust generation using the innovative ClassiSizer impact crusher for sustainable energy generation

Services from a Single Source

  • Development of plant concepts for the material and thermal treatment in accordance with customer requirements
  • Design of individual components
  • Project organization, planning, coordination and management
  • Material testing for precise-fit component design
  • Production within the global Dieffenbacher manufacturing network
  • Assembly, commissioning and training
  • Maintenance and servicing via global service network

Products and Core Components

Size reduction


MGB Big Crusher

SRH / SRV Beating Rotor

MSZ Beating Flaker

MRZ Knife Ring Flaker

MPM Impact Mill

Sorting and cleaning



SHG Heavy Material Air Grader

Air Grader for particles

Environment technology

Pneumatic Systems

Thermal recovery

ClassiSizer for efficient dust generation

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