Alternative Fuels

MORE FLEXIBILITY to use alternative fuels

Biomass treatment and RDF production lines

Dieffenbacher alternative fuels production lines offer our customers flexible solutions in the processing of biomass and refuse-derived fuels (RDF). Our biomass treatment lines are installed around the globe in plants producing biofuels, biogas and pellets. These lines handle all kind of biomass, including wood, straw or bagasse.

Our RDF lines produce high-caloric fuels used in the cement, paper and wood industries. Dieffenbacher designs individual RDF lines with project-related fuel particle size and moisture content to meet the fuel specification of the power plants.


Our solution for alternative fuels:


Customer Benefits

  • Complete process solutions from raw materials handling to incineration
  • Flexible alternative fuel production concepts for power plants and energy-intensive industries such as cement, wood and paper
  • Exclusive ClassiSizer impact technology for production of pulverized fuel with maximum particle size of 500µm
  • Fitting of fuel grain and moistness to meet customer requirements and the fuel specification of the individual power plants
  • Low operating costs due to ClassiSizer (one-step resizing) and ClassiCleaner (enriching principle) technologies


Scope of Supply

Dieffenbacher facilities are tailor-made to a customer’s production process needs. With our exclusive ClassiSizer impact technology, fuels with a maximum particle size of 500 µm can be produced. The entire process begins with delivery and storage of the raw, unprocessed materials. Then de-baling and/or pre-shredding takes place. Dieffenbacher drum-drying systems adjust the moisture content to the project requirements. Subsequent screening and cleaning with the ClassiCleaner offer a low energy requirement per ton of fuel. After the alternative fuels have been pre-shredded, dried and classified, the final milling takes place.


Plant Engineering and Technology Delivery

  • Plant design and detail engineering from a single source
  • Turnkey supplier for technology
  • Complete system integration and automation of the plant


Project Management and Service

  • Project management and interface coordination
  • Manufacturing within the global Dieffenbacher network
  • Site supervision, assembly and commissioning
  • Plant optimization and upgrading
  • After-sales service in the global service network



Biosyl France · Cosne sur Loire, France · Mechanical wood treatment for pelletizing · 2x 20 t/h · In operation since 2017
TBA Warthausen · Warthausen, Germany · Dust production out of meat and bone meal · 10 t/h · In operation since 2017
SwissKrono · Sharya, Russia · Dust production out of recycling wood · 3t/h <800µm · In operation since 2015
Heidelberg Cement · Burglengenfeld, Germany · RDF treatment · 9 t/h <10 mm · In operation since 2015


Dieffenbacher ClassiSizer

Dieffenbacher ClassiSizer