Municipal Solid Waste

MORE EFFICIENCY for bioenergy production and recycling

Efficient and profitable recycling

Dieffenbacher designs and realizes turnkey and efficient mechanical-biological recycling plants for municipal solid waste (MSW) and organic waste. These systems are energy self-sufficient, produce low emissions and are built to the highest environmental requirements. The recycling plants generate high-quality recyclables and high-caloric refuse-derived fuels (RDF). Renewable energy in the form of biogas or biomethane, and high-quality organic fertilizer is produced.*


Our solution for municipal solid waste and organic waste treatment:


Customer Benefits

  • Maximum recycling rates for high-quality recyclables and RDF
  • Diversion of organic material from landfill
  • Efficient organics pre-treatment for high energy yields
    • Effective impurities removal before fermentation
    • Selective disintegration of organic materials
    • Minimal organics loss
  • Highly flexible due to changes in the waste composition and capacity
  • Renewable energy production (bioenergy)
  • High energy yield
  • High-quality organic fertilizer
  • High system availability
  • High automation level and minimal personnel requirements


Scope of Supply

Plant Engineering and Technology Delivery

  • Plant design and detail engineering from a single source
  • Turnkey supplier for technology
  • Complete system integration and automation of the plant


Project Management and Service

  • Project management and interface coordination
  • Production within the global Dieffenbacher manufacturing networkSite supervision, assembly and commissioning
  • Plant optimization and upgrading
  • Emissions and safety inspection
  • After-sales service
  • Global service network



Oscar Bioenergy, OWTF · Joint Venture led by SUEZ · North Lantau, Hong Kong · Pre-treatment lines for organic waste for
anaerobic digestion · 28 t/h · In operation since 2018
TBA Warthausen · Warthausen, Germany · Dust production out of meat and bone meal · 10 t/h · In operation since 2017
Heidelberg Cement · Burglengenfeld, Germany · RDF treatment · 9 t/h <10 mm · In operation since 2015
Biffa* · Poplars, UK · Pre-treatment lines for organic waste from municipalities and industry for anaerobic digestion · 24 t/h
In operation since 2011

*technology reference


Bioenergy and recycling plant

Bioenergy recycling plant