Wood Recycling

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Highly profitable wood recycling plants

Low operating costs and the highest cleaning efficiency set Dieffenbacher wood recycling plants apart. With the Dieffenbacher process knowledge of the wood-based panel industry we have developed a highly profitable wood recycling concept for our customers. Minimum wood loss, adjusted particle size distribution for panel board production and low installed power requirements are persuasive arguments for the Dieffenbacher wood recycling concept.


Dieffenbacher offers a complete range of solutions for:

  • Wood incinerators
  • Waste management companies
  • Pallet block producers
  • Wood-based panel industry


Our solution for wood recycling plants:


Customer Benefits

  • High cleaning efficiency and low wood loss in all particle sizes (chips, flakes and fines) with Dieffenbacher optical and mechanical sorting systems
  • Low energy consumption and operating costs due to ClassiCleaner technology
  • Lowest impurity content after Dieffenbacher recycling system lead to increased lifetime of milling equipment


Scope of Supply

  • Plant design and detail engineering from a single source
  • Turnkey supplier for technology
  • Complete system integration and automation of the plant


Project Management and Service

  • Project management and interface coordination
  • Manufacturing within the global Dieffenbacher network
  • Site supervision, assembly and commissioning
  • Plant optimization
  • After-sales service with our global service network



Pfleiderer Neumarkt · Neumarkt, Germany · Recycling wood processing · 50 t/h [b.d.] · In operation since 2018
Houtdrogerij Friesland B.V · Waalwjik, Netherlands · Recycling wood screening · 60 t/h · In operation since 2017
Gautier · Chantonnay, France · Recycling wood cleaning · 10 t/h · In operation since 2011
Armor Panneaux · La Chapelle Caro, France · Recycling wood cleaning · 20 t/h · In operation since 2009
CFP · Saint Loup sur Semouse, France · Recycling wood cleaning · 20 t/h · In operation since 2009


Wood recycling plant

Wood recycling plant