proweps envirotec and Dieffenbacher Sign New Cooperation Agreement

Based on the many years of experience and expertise gathered by both companies in plan-ning and implementing plants for recycling organic waste from various sources, proweps envirotec and Dieffenbacher have arranged to cooperate on future projects.

Together, the companies will offer future-oriented and innovative technical solutions for recycling organic waste. The cooperation agreement was signed on March 8, 2016, in Eppingen, Germany. There to witness the cooperation agreement being signed were:

(from left) Dr. Günter Kuhn, Chief Technology Officer at Dieffenbacher GmbH; Michael Don-derer, Managing Director at proweps envirotec GmbH; Yvonne Auerbach, Sales Assistant at Dieffenbacher GmbH; Dr. Dieter Korz, Managing Director at proweps envirotec GmbH; Jochen Kamm, Head of the Recycling business unit at Dieffenbacher GmbH.

As a result of this agreement, both companies will step up their activities in the important field of material and energy recovery from organic waste produced by urban and industrial sec-tors. In addition to treatment technologies for a wide range of organic waste, the companies will offer services connected with biological processing of treated organic waste on a project-by-project basis. The aim is to provide the optimum process-based solution for each project and to thus minimize potential project and process risks. The treatment plants currently man-ufactured by Dieffenbacher, such as plants for separating out foreign materials during me-chanical-biological waste treatment, will be developed using the experience gained by both companies.

One of the first joint projects has already been completed successfully. The project involved planning and delivering a plant for treating organic waste collected separately in Hong Kong that would also allow the waste to then be reused after the treatment process at a modern fermentation plant to produce biogas and high-quality compost. The client that commissioned the project is a local consortium of bidders managed by French waste disposal company, SUEZ. The system is now being delivered to Hong Kong. Numerous other international pro-jects are currently being processed jointly by the two companies.