Wood Recycling with ClassiCleaner+

Using recycled wood in the production of particleboard promises economic benefits. However, it also presents challenges, including variations in the type of contamination, quality, size and moisture content of the infeed material.

Dieffenbacher helps to overcome these challenges with a novel combination of:

  • Proven screening and sifter technology
  • New BIVITEC screening technology
  • ClassiCleaner+ system with sensor-based X-ray sorting
  • Low-speed granulator technology

Improves plant efficiency through:

  • Highest cleaning efficiency, enabling the use of more recycled wood while retaining the same high level of panel quality
  • Increased protection and uptime for knife ring flakers
  • Separation of fibrous material in the fine particle material flow
  • Lowest wood losses due to additional recovery processes, including the recovery of fine particles down to 0.6 mm