Wood-based Panel Plants

Whether your product is particleboard, MDF, OSB or LVL, complete panel plants from Dieffenbacher help you reach the next level of plant efficiency.

Starting from the wood yard, we provide you with cutting-edge debarking, chipping, flaking, stranding and refining technology, producing high-quality chips, flakes, strands or fibers that lay the foundation for the entire downstream process.

Energy-efficient dryers and highly selective sorting and cleaning machines prepare the raw material for the gluing process. Specialized solutions enable significant glue savings and optimum gluing results.

Our innovative forming stations are developed to form uniform mats while also minimizing raw material consumption. Dieffenbacher preheating solutions function as capacity boosters that allow you to increase production speed.

At the core of the process, our press systems deliver the next level of plant efficiency by reducing lifecycle costs and ensuring high productivity and optimum board quality.

Our handling and finishing solutions work at the same speed and with the same accuracy as the upstream process, ensuring your on-time delivery of high-quality products.

Integrated energy systems and environmental technology solutions work alongside the production process and provide energy cost savings while assuring clean air.

World-class automation solutions from Dieffenbacher help you to further boost the efficiency of your plant.


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Dieffenbacher PB plant

Dieffenbacher MDF plant

Dieffenbacher OSB plant

OSB plant, Baoyuan (China)