Job offers for high school graduates and students

Vocational Orientation Internships for Students

Duration: one to two weeks
Job description
Who is eligible for these student internships?

Students from the eighth grade onwards in the Hauptschule (lower-stream German junior high schools) and students from the ninth grade onwards in the Realschule and Gymnasium (upper-stream German junior high schools and German high schools).

What types of student internships are there?

We offer internships that last for one to two weeks, except during the summer and Christmas vacations.

What is on offer?

This internship provides students with their first insight into the world of work and the daily routine. The students are also offered special assistance when it comes to making their future career choices. Interns can take the opportunity to recognize their own preferences, interests, and capabilities consciously. Discussions and practical activities allow them to find out more about the professional world and future jobs.

Positions that the interns can learn about are as follows:
  • Industrial clerk
  • IT specialist in systems integration
  • Electronics technician for industrial systems
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Cutting machine operator

How do I apply?

The application process, with your preferred date, must take place as early as possible because we have only a limited number of internships available. Application documents must include a covering letter, a brief resumé and the student's last school report.
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