MRZ Knife Ring Flaker


  • Particle board industry
  • Pellet and briquette industry


The MRZ Knife Ring Flaker is a high-performance machine for the production of high quality flakes. After passing the VC Vibration Conveyor, the permanent magnet drum and the HPS Heavy Particle Separator, the chips are fed into the flaking chamber, guided there to the knives of the static knife ring by the rotating rotor and cut into flat uniform flakes.

Customer benefits

  • Constant uniform high-quality flakes, thickness adjustable
  • Energy efficient flaking with 12 – 20 kWh/t b.d.
  • Special knife ring for soft wood available
  • Essential parts of the machine are wear-protected and easily exchangeable
  • Boards’ high quality

Technical features

  • Optimized flake discharge channel due to knife clamping plate
  • Integrated chip-cleaning system (optional)
  • Rotor with fixed or adjustable rotor knives available
  • Curved and straight wear plates available
  • Automatic Knife Ring Grinding System (MSA) and Knife Ring Cleaning Machine (MRM) for efficient maintenance available
  • VC Vibration Conveyor included