The ClassiCleaner system consists of integrated roller screening and air separation units, which – in an innovative way – combine both high cleaning effectiveness and high energy efficiency. Furthermore, the infeed material mix is screened into different fractions, which are helpful for further processing.


  • Panel board industry (PB, MDF)
  • Recycling plants
  • Pellet plants
  • Energy generation

Customer benefits

  • Efficient mineral separation – maximum wood yield
  • Less wear of flaking tools, cyclones, ducting, cutting blades, etc.
  • Low energy consumption, low emissions
  • Compact design with integrated screening and cleaning
  • Minimum dynamic loads, light foundations

Technical features

  • ClassiRolls with different patterns, gaps and rotation speed enable effective
    screening according to screening process requirements
  • Collection of different fractions under the screen rolls
  • Cleaning of mineral enriched material mix with small air separators
  • Removal of foils with suction from the roller bed
  • Total cleaning efficiency up to > 90 % and wood yield up to > 99 %
  • FE and non-ferrous separators and optical sorting
  • Optional: water bath for rejects to recover remaining wood from rejects
  • Typical dimensions needed for the installation: 10 x 10 x 12 m approx. (L x W x H)
  • Capacity range 10 – 60 t/h b.d.