• Panel board industry (PB, MDF)
  • Pellet plants
  • Energy generation


ClassiScreen classifies the material according to thickness by means of gaps between the ClassiRolls. Material is screened into predetermined fractions, for example fines, flakes, mini chips, chips and oversized. The determination of fractions is done by adjustable gaps, roller pattern depth and rotation speed of the rolls. The screen is configured for the needs of the process.

Customer benefits

  • Best screening accuracy with high precision ClassiRolls
  • Non-plugging, strong double drive system
  • Efficient thickness screening
  • High capacity per screening area
  • Low energy consumption, maintenance costs, dust emissions and noise level

Technical features

  • ClassiRolls can be selected according to screening application:
    – Standard Plus for screening fresh wood and saw dust
    – Dura for screening contaminated wood
    – DuraPlus for screening highly contaminated material such as urban waste wood
  • Various roll depths available for different applications
  • Disc rolls available for bigger fraction separation
  • Gaps between the rolls can be adjusted individually according to application requirements
  • Roller rotation speed is adjusted by means of a frequency converter drive system