Dryer Emisson Control System


  • Efficient cleaning of exhaust gases from dryers to comply with local environmental standards


The Dryer Emission Control System cleans exhaust gases by using a scrubber. Water droplets accrued in a venturi throat trap fine particulates. These solid and liquid parts are separated in the subsequent cyclone. Additional equipment can be supplied to catch water soluble VOCs (volatile organic compounds) / HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), in particular formaldehyde.

Customer benefits

  • Immune to fluctuating quantity of gases at constant separation efficiency
  • Adjustable emission control into submicron range
  • High solid content in sludge discharge
  • Reduction of VOCs and formaldehyde with built-in equipment
  • Low space requirement

Technical features

  • High efficiency separator means low water consumption
  • Variable amounts of gas can be processed
  • Liquid distribution in venturi head via open pipes rather than nozzles, thus no clogging
  • Adjustable emission control via steplessly variable venturi throat
  • Recirculation of scrubbing liquid with high solid content