SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) for lightweight components

For components with first-class surface quality

This fully automated plant technology, including the reworking, is above all used in the automobile, electronics, construction and rolling stock industries. SMC can replace steel and aluminum in structural components.

SMC Duroline for glas fiber or carbon fiber components (carbon smc)

Complete solutions with various plant components for the manufacture of SMC component parts made from glass fiber or carbon fiber (C-SMC).

Sheet molding compound system for carbon smc

  • High-speed, high-precision press with active parallel limit controllers
  • Plant components for the provision of semi-finished parts (e.g. cutting lines and packetizing systems)
  • Automation for loading and extraction
  • Higher-level production line control system
  • Guarantee of reproducible parts quality
  • Possible to expand with a cooling station, conveyor belts and protective equipment
  • More economical use of raw materials by using waste material in the C-SMC process
  • Using carbon improves the properties of the component in terms of its weight and strength compared with glass fibers

SMC Directline (D-SMC)

The world's first direct compounding for SMC (direct method for thermoset plastic composites), manufacture of SMC materials immediately before the pressing process.

Sheet molding compound system

  • Bypasses the cost-intensive maturing, storage and logistics of previous SMC materials
  • Line control system from the compound up to the finished component
  • Constant quality and consequent acquisition of process data
  • Custom SMC formula, depending on component requirements


     Press systems
     Automation / Reworking