LFT (Long Fiber Thermoplast) System

Excellent properties for lightweight components and local reinforcements

Fiber-reinforced plastics with long fibers offer outstanding lightweight construction properties and high potential in terms of energy absorption. The dual-machine technology developed by Dieffenbacher ensures optimal compounding and the gentle blending of reinforcement fibers using a process-controlled, hydraulic high-precision press.

Long fiber thermoplastic system

LFT-D (Long Fiber Thermoplast Directmolding)

Solution for direct production of the polymer melt in an extrusion/flow process.

  • Flexible adaptation of materials to component requirements
  • Structured surfaces possible for visible components
  • Adjustable polymer discharge nozzles for forming various thicknesses within a strand of plasticized material
  • Appropriate material accumulation and reduced component distortion due to minimized flow paths

Tailored LFT-D (tailored fiber placement)

Solution for maximum strength at the optimum weight using local reinforcements.

  • Good strength properties and high energy absorption capability due to additional reinforcement materials (for extra stiffness and toughness)
  • Reduced weight due to ideal reinforcement in structural and semi-structural applications
  • Single-stage local compaction of continuous filament and fabric insertions
  • Entire fully automated tape and fiber placement process (unidirectional fiber tape into the tailored blank) integrated


     Press systems
     Automation / Reworking



LFT-D production line at Polytec, NL