The Dieffenbacher Microwave


Your benefits

Installing a microwave preheating system in your mill means:

  • Heat generation within the mat
  • Increase of capacity up to 30%
  • High reliability due to standard 6 KW magnetrons
  • No adding of moisture into the mat
  • Specific control of each board section (zones)
  • Low maintenance and downtime

Fast return on investment



“We already have another system installed at a MDP (PB) plant with the same purpose as the Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system.
A few years ago, we were looking for a preheating system to be integrated into our Salto plant in Brasil. Investigations brought us to the conclusion that a Dieffenbacher microwave would be more efficient for the high production output of thick and thin plates than other preheating systems.
So far we were able to identify a production increase of 25% since the microwave was installed. The Dieffenbacher microwave preheating system definitely kept its promised capacity increase. We would definitely invest in this technology again.”

Flavio Paulo Maluf (Eucatex)

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