There is money in glue – the EVOjet M

The EVOjet M dry resin blending system provides a superior resin application by combining a large surface area of fibers in the conveying air with an effective resin distribution.



Installing an EVOjet M in your plant provides:

  • Superior fiber-resin contact
  • Resin savings up to 25%
  • Reduced emissions out of the dryer
  • High throughput (single machine up to 48 t/h b.d.)
  • Proven flow technology for minimum cleaning


What Customers Say

We selected the EVOjet M Gluing System from Dieffenbacher for our production line because the technology enabled a significant reduction in glue consumption. Before we chose the EVOjet M, we considered other gluing equipment, but feasibility studies completed during the selection process indicated that the EVOjet M was the best option. After five years running the EVOjet M system, we can honestly say that the EVOjet M is keeping up with the promised glue savings. It was a good investment in terms of optimizing resin consumption.”

Pat Beardmore (Medite Europe Ltd.)

EVOjet M

Fast return on investment:

ROI Calculation Examples:


The EVOjet M